I’m Nikke Naeme,

a multidisciplinary ‘do-it-myselfer’ based in Amsterdam, with a great passion for music and graphic art. I started drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I attended an art school open day but quickly realized it wasn’t for me, choosing social studies and mental health care instead. For years I accompanied and helped children with behavioural disorders until I became a full time artist in 2021.

I draw inspiration from life, death, popular culture, and human behaviour. The human psyche, and all its twisted sides, are a recurring theme, with Self-reflection playing a large part in both my life and work. I often use a stamping technique so that my paintings can be seen in a mirrored perspective, allowing one to ask themselves ‘Who am I really? Is this what others see or how I see myself when I look in the mirror?’

I support my visual art with music that I’ve written and produced.

The Work

‘When looking closely at Nikke’s work, one will undoubtedly find a variety of influences from big names in modern art history. The sombre tone of Bacon, the cartoonish craziness of Steadman, the sketching of Donwood and Basquiat’s raw expressionism, to name a few. But at first glance, it is immediately apparent that Nikke is sailing their own course. His work seems premeditated, but very intuitive at the same time. As if his brain follows his hand, rather than the other way around, while his hands follow the material. Subconscious feelings are expressed, without giving much explanation.

On the other hand, there is a psychological side. Nikke’s paintings often express feelings of loneliness and gloom, but, with contradictory titles one is immediately made to think. What do we as viewers not see? There is a lot of symbolism – maybe even meaning – to be found, especially things that the viewer puts in it.

Nikke has been talking freely on social media about his use of techniques. He doesn’t feel tied to certain tools but often falls back on acrylics, ink, and palette knives. He always looks for ways to surprise himself, thus arriving at unpredictable outcomes; Unpredictable like the characters he paints.’